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Sponsored by New York Videogame Critics Circle

The Fair Game Writing Challenge is a new competitive scholarship, sponsored by the New York Videogame Critics Circle. To compete for the scholarship, students must submit two writing samples, including (1) a Video Game Review and (2) a Game Narrative. Please see criteria for the two writing samples below.

The Fair Game entry form can be accessed through the main competition submission form (deadline to submit is April 21, 2021). Students are not required to submit a playable game to compete for this award.


Video Game Review (<600 words):
Write a review of your favorite video game and share what it means to you. Review entries should be formatted according to the following two resources: Game Review Checklist and How To Outline A Game Review.


Game Narrative (< 750 words):
Write a fictional game narrative/story for a game you want to make. Include a paragraph describing the game experience, gameplay mechanics and other features of the game. There are no formatting requirements for the Game Narrative – get creative!



Fair Game submissions will be reviewed by panels of expert journalists, game executives and educators – and one student scholarship will be awarded in each Challenge city (NY, LA, Detroit and Atlanta) as well as for the national competition. Each winner will receive a $400 cash prize in addition to special mentorship opportunities from expert video game journalists and critics.



Expert judges will evaluate each writing sample for the Fair Game Writing Challenge according to the following criteria:

Video Game Review:

  Clarity of writing.

  Ability to follow our review guidelines (above).

  Ability to show you’ve played with purpose and can bring yourself/your life into review.

  Creativity of writing.

Narrative Story:

  Clarity of writing.

  Tight first paragraph that makes us want to read more.

  Social justice-oriented story (Examples: bigotry, pollution, bullying).

  Originality of the story and of your voice.



To support student learning, G4C and the NY Videogame Critic Circle will offer a workshop on Game Writing during the months of Feb-Mar 2021. (Check the Events Pg. for event info and registration details). Students can also explore the following resources on their own:

 Game Review Checklist - DOWNLOAD PDF

 How To Outline A Game Review DOWNLOAD PDF

 The New York Videogame Critics Circle Website

 About The New York Videogame Critics Circle