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The G4C Student Challenge culminates in a national game design competition through which middle and high school students (grades 5-12) can enter their original social impact games for the chance to win prizes, including a $10,000 scholarship, generously provided by Take-Two Interactive. Games are evaluated April - May. All students will be notified of their standing in the competition in May and winners are announced at an Awards Ceremony in June.

The competition is broken down into 4 U.S. regions: Northeast, South, Midwest, and West. First, students will compete on the regional level with others in their division and age group. Age groups include “Junior” (grades 5-8) and “Senior” (grades 9-12). Regional winners will then advance to compete against each other for the title of National Champion.



Games will be evaluated by industry pros and Theme topic experts. All games will be judged on the following:


• Is the game playable? 

• Is the gameplay smooth and bug-free?

• Is it well-balanced (not too easy/hard)?

• Do players have meaningful choices in the process of achieving the game’s goal?


• Is the game new, fresh, and innovative?

• How unique is the design and concept of the game?

• Does it bear little resemblance to other games (particularly re: Scratch remixes)?


• Does the game address its Theme in a meaningful way?

• Is the Theme information presented clearly and accurately?


• How engaging and fun is the game?

• Would you recommend it to someone else?