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When can I submit my game to the Student Challenge competition?

The 2021 competition is now closed for submissions


How can I enter the Student Challenge competition?

You can enter the competition by filling out the submission form accessible on the left-hand toolbar of this portal. 


What’s the difference between the Challenge City competition and the National Competition? What does Challenge City mean, anyway?

Challenge Cities include NYC, Los Angeles, Atlanta (and the greater metro area), and Detroit (and the greater metro area). These are cities that receive year-round Student Challenge programming, beyond just the competition, and are focused on public schools. The National Competition is open to all other middle and high school students in the U.S. including those in private, independent, and other types of schools.


I am a student in Los Angeles. Will my game submission be entered into the Challenge City competition or the National? How do I choose?

You do not need to choose which competition you want to be entered into. If you are a public school student in one of our Challenge Cities, your game will automatically be considered for the Challenge Cities competition.


I am in a Challenge City but I attend a private school. Which competition will my game be entered into?

As the Challenge City competition is open to public school students only, your game will be considered for the National Competition.


Are there different submission forms for the local Challenge City competition and the National Competition?

No. The same form is used for both.


How will the jury evaluate the games? What will I be judged on?

Games will be evaluated by an expert jury on gameplay, originality, use of theme, and wow factor.  Details for each evaluation criteria can be found here.


What is the jury process?

Games are judged in three phases, both quantitatively and qualitatively:

  • PHASE I: Each submission is played by a minimum of three jurors.
  • PHASE II: Finalist games in each award category are played by theme experts to select winners.
  • PHASE III: Winning games in each city are played by a special jury of industry veterans to determine (a) the ‘best overall game’ winner in each city and (b) the ‘best overall game’ nationally.


Can I go outside of this year's Themes?

No. In order to qualify, games must be about one of the following: (1) Advocating for Animals (2) Build a Better World (3) Resilience Through Games.


What game design platforms am I allowed to use?

Games about 'Advocating for Animals' and 'Resilience Through Games' must be created using a free/open platform and be playable on a web browser (examples include Scratch, Unity, App Lab, and many more). Games about 'Build a Better World' must be created using either Minecraft: Education Edition or Minecraft only.


So can I use Minecraft / Minecraft: Education Edition to make a game about Resilience Through Games or Advocating for Animals?

No. The 'Build a Better World' theme is a Minecraft: Education Edition exclusive. For 'Resilience Through Games' and 'Advocating for Animals', you must use a different platform (free, web-based) to create your game.


I made my game in Minecraft: Education Edition / Minecraft Java. How do I upload it to the submission form?

You have two options:

  1. Create a video walkthrough of your world and upload the file to the submission form (strongly recommended for students using Minecraft Java)
  2. Export your world. Then, you’ll end up with a file that you can upload to the submission form. For step-by-step instructions, check out: https://aka.ms/MEEImportExport.


I don't have a Minecraft: Education Edition account. Is there any way I can get one?

Yes - G4C will provide you with a complimentary account if you do not already have one. Just send us an email to request one (studentchallenge@gamesforchange.org).


Can I submit a playable game and a writing sample for the Fair Game Writing Challenge? Are there different submission forms?

You can submit to both. The submission form is the same. On the form, you will be asked to identify your entry as a playable game or a written game concept. 


​​​​​​How do I submit a game that I created with a team?

Students can submit a game as an individual, or as a team of up to 4 students. Teams should identify a ‘Team Leader’ who is responsible for completing the entry form and communicating w/ G4C on behalf of the team. Teams submit one entry form per game. All team members must meet the Challenge’s eligibility requirements.


When are the student winners announced?

Winners will be announced during awards ceremonies in June 2021. More information on the award ceremonies will be available here in Spring 2021.


What types of prizes can I win?

Past prizes include games, technology, experiences, internships, and more!  Grand Prize winners will each win a $1,000 scholarship.


How do I contact the G4C Student Challenge?

Send a message to the following email: studentchallenge@gamesforchange.org.