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How can I enter the Student Challenge competition?

The 2017 Student Challenge competition is now closed for submissions.

When can I submit my game to the Student Challenge competition?

The competition was open for submissions from February 7, 2017 @ 11:59 am EST to April 12, 2017 @11:59 pm. Join the Student Challenge mailing list to stay up to date on next year's competition.

How will the jury evaluate the games? What will I be judged on?

Jurors will evaluate the games using the following criteria:

      GAMEPLAY: Is the game playable? How engaging and fun is it?

      ORIGINALITY: How unique is the game? For Scratch re-mixed games, how different is it from the

     original game?

      THEMATIC: Does the game address its theme in a meaningful way?

      OVERALL WOW FACTOR: How well does the game meet the above criteria?

What is the jury process?

Games are judged in three phases, both quantitatively and qualitatively:

      PHASE I: Each submission is played by minimum of three jurors.

      PHASE II: Finalist games in each award category are played by theme experts to select winners.

      PHASE III: Six winning games in each city are played by a special jury of industry veterans to

     determine (a) the ‘best overall game’ winner in each city and (b) the ‘best overall game’ nationally.

How do I submit a game that I created with a team?

Students can submit a game as an individual, or as a team of up to four. The submission process is the same, but you will need in list all team members in the application — and all team members must meet the Challenge’s eligibility requirements. Each team must designate one member as the ‘team leader’ who is responsible for submitting the game on behalf of the entire team.

When are the student winners announced?

Winners in all three cities will be announced in June 2017. Each city will host an awards ceremony to celebrate the winning games! More information on the award ceremonies can be found here.

What types of prizes can I win?

Past prizes include games, tablets, informational meetings, internships and more!

I’m interested in participating, but I do not go to school in one of the three Challenge cities (NYC, Dallas and Pittsburgh). Can I still submit a game?

For the 2016-2017 school year, the Games for Change Student Challenge is only open to middle and high public school students in NYC, North Texas and Pittsburgh. We are hoping to expand the Challenge to new cities in upcoming years.

How do I contact the G4C Student Challenge?

Send a message to the following email: studentchallenge@gamesforchange.org