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 Games must be playable on a web browser and created using a free/open platform (i.e. Scratch, Unity, etc.) You will be asked to share the game's URL and identify the platform in your application form.

 Games must address one of the 2021 Student Challenge themes.


 Students may submit one game per theme category (for a maximum of four games) - either as an individual or as part of a team. A separate submission form must be completed for each game. See PDF of submission form here.


Entry forms must be completed ahead of the submission deadline (April 1). Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered for the competition.




 Students can submit games as an individual, or in a team of up to four individuals.


 Each team must designate a 'Team Leader' to complete ONE submission form on behalf of the team and to serve as the representative for all Challenge-related communications.


 Each team member must satisfy the eligibility requirements (which includes being able to provide a working email and proof of parent/guardian permission upon request).


 If anyone on the team is under age 13, the Team Leader must be an adult.




Jurors will evaluate all games using the following criteria: Gameplay, Use of Theme, Originality and Wow Factor. Finalists will be selected and notified via email in May 2021.



 Is the game playable?

 Is it smooth and bug-free?

 Is gameplay well-balanced (not too easy / not too hard)?

 Do players have meaningful choices in the process of achieving the game's goals?


Use of Theme

 Does the game address its theme in a meaningful way

 Is the theme at the forefront of the game?

 Is the theme information presented clearly and accurately?



 Is the game new, fresh and innovative?

 How unique is the design and game concept?

 Does it bear little resemblance to other student games (particularly in the case of Scratch remixes)?


Wow Factor

 How fun is the game?

 Would you recommend it to someone else to play?