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  • If in the US, Students must be enrolled in grades 5-12.

    • If they are in grades 5-8, they will submit to the “Junior” competition categories. 

    • If they are in grades 9-12, they will submit to the “Senior” competition categories.

  • If international, students must be between the ages of 10-18.

    • If they are ages 10-13, they will submit to the “Junior” competition categories.

    • If they are ages 14-18, they will submit to the “Senior” competition categories.

  • ALL Students under the age of 18 must have parental/guardian/teacher consent to enter, and they will need their support in completing the online submission form.

  • For GAME ENTRIES: Students can work as individuals or in teams of 2-4 students.

  • For WRITING AND CHARACTER ART ENTRIES: Students must work solo.

  • Students must have a valid email address. This is how we will inform them if they are finalists or winners.

  • If students are working as a team, they need to determine the designated ‘Team Leader’ who is responsible for submitting the entry form for their team.



  • Digital games must be playable on a web browser and accessible via a URL.
    • If submitting a game in Minecraft or Roblox - a video walkthrough (in .mp4 file format) must be uploaded.
  • Digital games must be created using a free or open platform (ex: Scratch, Unity, Construct, RPG Maker, Twine, etc.).
  • Games and character designs must be inspired by one of this year’s 3 themes:
  • Al submissions must be original work.


  1. Before submitting: If the game was designed as a team of 2-4, determine who is the team leader, the person who will submit the game to the portal.
    1. Optional: Come up with a “game studio” name for the team.
    2. Make sure you have names and email addresses of student creators (personal email addresses highly recommended).
    3. If under 18, an adult must be available to assist with the submission. 
  2. Go to the competition portal.
  3. Log in or create an account.
  4. Click “My Submissions” on the left-hand toolbar to start a new submission form (or to view and edit one that you’ve already started).
  5. Follow the directions in the form to submit, including responding to any prompts. 
  6. Students may save and return to the portal. To continue working on a submission, log in and click “My submissions.” 
  7. (Optional) Follow the prompts in the portal to upload additional materials to the submission form for the judges to view (ex: storyboard, essay, art/assets used, plans for future levels, etc.)


Each game and submission will go through 3 rounds of judging. In the first round, finalists will be determined. In the second round, a winner for each category will be determined. In the third round, all of the winners from digital games submission categories will be eligible for the “Game of the Year” Award. Please Note: only digital game submissions are eligible for the Game of the Year prize.


The scores for each game are determined by a jury of gaming industry experts and theme content experts using scoring rubrics. The final decisions regarding finalists and winners for each category are based on the judge’s scores and determined by the G4C Learn staff. 

Students will be notified of their standing in the competition by the end of April 2024 via email. Winners are announced live during a virtual Awards Ceremony in June, which all students will be invited to. Winners will receive games, technology, theme-related and experiential prizes. The Game of the Year will receive a $10,000 scholarship.