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This year, we are excited to launch a National Competition, giving students across the United States the opportunity to submit their original social impact games to the G4C Student Challenge. Projects submitted to the national competition will be judged/awarded separately from the local competitions. Students located in the program ‘Challenge Cities’ of New York City, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Atlanta should consult the Local Competitions page for rules and guidelines.



Any middle or high school student in the U.S.



Age Guidelines:

 Students under 18 must have the consent of a parent, teacher or guardian to submit a game to the competition. Contact information (email and phone number) for this individual must be included on the submission form.

 Students under 13 will need a teacher or guardian to submit a game on their behalf.

 All applicants may be required to provide verification of enrollment, age and parental/legal guardian permission.

Number of Game Submissions:

 Applicants may submit one game per theme category (either as an individual or as part of a team).

 Educators may submit a game to the competition on their students’ behalf.

 The content of all games must be in accordance with the Student Challenge Terms of Use



Winners are recognized in the following categories in both the National competition and in each Challenge City competition (Atlanta, Detroit, LA and NYC). 

Award Categories:

Best Game - ‘Resilience Through Games’ - Middle School

Best Game - ‘Resilience Through Games’ - High School

Best Game - ‘Advocating for Animals’ - Middle School

Best Game - ‘Advocating for Animals’ - High School

Best Game - ‘Build a Better World’ - Middle School

Best Game - ‘Build a Better World’ - High School

Special Awards:

Game Accessibility Challenge

Fair Game Writing Challenge 

 Grand Prize Winner – Best Overall Game



Competition winners will receive national recognition and win prizes such as games, technology,  theme content, industry-related experiences and so much more. The Grand Prize winning team will also receive a $1,000 Grand Prize scholarship.



The below guide summarize important information about the annual game design competition – and further details are available on the Competition Page.